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Brydie Rowan


raised in the welsh countryside, with plenty of room to roam, brydie's childhood was abundant with creativity, nature, movement and play

This was a way of being

then life became challenging....and when it did - these things gradually turned into tools over time

instruments to find a way home to some safety and joy....

to steadier ground

and a way of being able to connect - with herself and the wider world.

through personal experience and necessity, curiosity and observation - and high standards of training she has gathered a creative toolkit to share.

it's taken time

With a background as a somatic movement practitioner, a yoga  teacher and trainer, facilitator, circle holder and a curator of inclusive gatherings - she's currently completing certification as a shadow work facilitator...

she believes in facilitating through the body as a tool to self realisation through the means of



shadow work




Your body is a vessel of wisdom, it carries you and all the things you carry

Through deliberate practices, we enquire, we gently unravel to release what's no longer needed and is ready to go

behaviours, patterns, physical ailments....

we re-negotiate hidden contracts and blocks

fostering a harmonious relationship between you and your life through the medicine of your body.

creativity, Community and connection are vital aspects of personal growth.

Brydie holds ground for inclusive spaces where individuals can gather, share, and support one another.

These circles foster a sense of belonging and authenticity, nurturing a supportive environment where growth is possible.


her true aim is to empower you to embrace all aspects of yourself, navigate life with resilience and joy

standing by your side with her hand at your back.


Creative Director

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