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Shadow Work™ is a self development practice that provides a safe and supportive environment in which we are encouraged to explore and evolve ourselves safely and purposefully

allowing us to transform the parts of ourselves we want to change. 

It has evolved from Carl Jung's concept of the Shadow, a term used to describe the hidden, repressed or denied parts of ourselves....the parts we do not wish to see or be seen.

Over our lives, we carefully collect these parts we have deemed unacceptable, negative.....unattractive...perhaps even bad...and relegate them to the unconscious in order that they remain hidden....from ourselves and others.


In his book ‘A Little Book on the Human Shadow’, Robert Bly uses the analogy of a bag, that we keep filling with these parts (these parts may be “positive” or “negative”)....which eventually grows heavy, busy and leaky.

It can take a lot of effort to keep these parts of us hidden in shadow and lead us to develop self-limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour that can hold us back or negatively impact our lives.

The psyche is a complex arena and we are of course, all individuals WITH UNIQUE EXPERIENCES AND INTERNAL LANDSCAPES

to pay attention to what may be in shadow for us we can enquire into the following as a start point...

The key points

What we deny about ourselves

What we admire in others

What we do by accident

Over the last few years in particular, Shadow Work has become a much popularised term used by folks ranging from psychotherapists to self help guru's and social media influencers.

The form in which it's offered can range from DIY, to online courses, to journalling in person workshops.

Shadow Work is THE ORIGINAL MODALITY - based on a unique synthesis of powerful tools created and developed by its founders, Cliff Barry, Mary Ellen Blandford-Whalen, Erva Baden and Dimitri Bilgere in the 1980's and 90's and brought to Europe in the late 90's by John and Nicola Kurk where it continues to evolve and serve humanity.

it requires dedicated training and well as personal work and much practice over time to become certified.™ 

This particular modality provides a safe, compassionate and understanding environment, using facilitated experiences and processes, through which we can all explore and change almost any behaviour pattern

The work can be challenging...cathartic and deeply enriching

some call it mining for gold

By exploring and understanding our shadows we can begin to reclaim more of our strength and power and gain more agency and peace in our lives.


Ways of healing

1 on 1 Shadow Work Coaching

The one-to-one coaching sessions are usually in-person but can also be done online.

These typically last a few hours.

During such a session, we will start by exploring what you want to have to happen, how your history might have impacted the way you behave today and what is hindering you in reaching what you want.

We will then begin to unpack the parts of you which are involved in this situation in order to understand more about how these parts relate to each other and to find a way to begin to change your behaviour in the light of knowing what you want.

At the end, you will have time to integrate what has happened.

In Shadow Work, everything is held with the highest level of shame-free respect and confidentiality.

Brydie will be opening the books for sessions from October 2023

contact her to discuss this work, whether it is for you and to register interest

Group Shadow Work

Shadow Work 

Group Shadow Work workshops are where we work together over 2-3 days using the power of the group to explore patterns in our lives that are no longer serving us.

it uses the same tools as one on one coaching but is factilitated in a slightly different way.

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to do your own individual Shadow Work process as well as take part in other experiential and learning sessions and support others in their work.

we are currently offering places on 2 weekends in 2023 as part of our certification










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Shame dies when stories are told in safe places

Ann Voskamp

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